SBR058EP: Marvel Cinema – Spring Break EP



The brilliant and dreamy Spring Break EP comes from German fellows Marvel Cinema, we’ve been checking them out for a while and they have become some of our favourite producers of this time due to their distinctive style. After some internal issues which are now solved we didn’t have the chance to launch the Spring Break EP in time but don’t think this 4 track masterpiece wouldn’t easily fit into the Summer vibes as well, because it does. The first tune „Everything Shines Blue“ picks you up immediately with its dope pads and bewitching sounds that will take you on a relaxed journey through space and time, followed by the dreamy „Spring Break“ which has an old school vibe thanks to the wicked samples throughout. Track three „Self Replication Structures“ is a mysterious track with futuristic robotic sounds with mechanical jungle beats and bass tones. And the last track on the EP „Gold Rush“ leaves you outer space with its half step Hip Hop like rhythm, strange and weirdly pitched sounds, we don’t know how they managed to produce a track to sound like this. One thing we do know is Marvel Cinema’s sound is simply amazing!

SBR058EP: Marvel Cinema – Spring Break EP
Official Release Date: June 29th 2015



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